Blog Post 9 – Final Project

Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been considering the Final Project. The goal is to write a 10-12 page paper focusing on some aspect of gender and technology. At first, the broad prompt gave a shortage of ideas. Then, after some thought, I thought about the role of women in beer advertisements. I remember doing a very interesting project about advertisements in middle school and the topic of beer ads came to the fore front of the discussion.

I think this good be a really interesting project, but I have a few apprehensions. Will there be enough scholarly information? When picking a topic for my Final Economics Statistics course, I struggled to find a topic because of the lack of available information. I haven’t looked into the Library’s databases yet, so I am hoping that this topic will allow me to reach the minimum requirement of 4-5 sources. Will I be able to come up with a strong enough thesis? There are very distinguishable qualities that beer advertisements have, but I am growing more and more concerned that I will be able to generate a clear thesis to guide the entire project.

Overall, I am looking forward to doing some research and start writing the paper. It is just concerning to tackle a sizable project before obtaining an information.

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