Blog Post 8 – Gone Home

This blog post intends to strike discourse regarding my experience playing “Gone Home” last week. Growing up, the video games my brothers and I played were Call of Duty, Supersmash Brothers, Madden, NHL, MLB and FIFA. Although I enjoyed these video games, I could never play one for a particularly long time before losing interest. Due to my previous experience and Call of Duty being my favorite game, I went into this video game pessimistic.

The opening scene reminded me of games on “Addicting Games” I would play for several seconds before getting frustrated for not being able to find the key. However, I was pleasantly surprised by my interest in “Gone Home.” Will, Cam and I searched the downstairs thick and thin to piece together what family life was like. We all found it particularly startling that a family member was coming home from a year abroad and no one was there to greet her. This fact alone made us very intrigued. From here, we didn’t really know what our objective to the game was until we saw the locked locker in Sam’s room.

Now, the game got interesting, we being searching for the key, looking for maps and any clues we could find. By the end, I wanted to go back to learn more as this game was similar to the patchwork girl. You never really know if you saw everything, read everything and completed every task.

Throughout this process, I kept asking myself what qualifies as a “gamer?” We touched the surface of this in class, yet I still find myself confused. I personally don’t consider myself a gamer, but does the fact that I still want to play Gone Home another time make me one?

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