Blog Post 4 – Gender In Student Government

Earlier this week, Davidson College’s next SGA President and Vice President were sworn in. Ben Callinder, the new Vice President, and I happen to be close friends. After the election was over, I began to reflect on my own student government experiences from high school. I noticed that student governments are overwhelmingly dominated by males. The Student Senate at my high school was made up of 10 guys. This years Presidential Election on campus only had male candidates. I am confused as to why these type of positions are dominated by males?

I came across a New York Times article earlier today about gender and student government. University of Southern California is set to elect their first female Student Body President in ten years. The article notes, similar to my experience, that the trend of female underrepresentation in Student Government is still continuing. Date shows that 63 percent of females have not even thought about running for such positions compared to 43 percent of men. At bigger schools, that difference accounts for thousands of students. Based on these statistics, it appears that this gender gap will remain for an extended period of time. I am just confused as to how this gap even started in the first place.

Even though this article mainly focusses on Student Government, we can see women’s leadership isn’t close to that of men. We have yet to have a Female President of the United States. Augusta National just admitted their first female member three months ago. The number of male CEOs outweighs the number of female CEOS. I don’t know what it is about our social construct that leads to this dramatic difference in “power,” but their is clearly an underlying theme. Is it just society catching up from the early colonialism time period? Is it the way males look down upon women? Is it just that women don’t enjoy these roles? This is something that I have began to think about more and more recently and I am just confused as to why.

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