Blog Post 2 – Love in the New World

In volume three of¬†Frankenstein¬†by Mary Shelley, we learn that the Monster desires a female counter part that would result in another creation from Victor. The monster claims that this would solve all of his issues. Over the course of the text, the monster began to examine a village and realized the important of human relationships and family. The Frankenstein’s are that “perfect” family the monster wanted to be adopted by. But, as we all know, that was made impossible when Victor ran away after his creation. The monster had been avoided by much of the village purely because of his looks. He was tall, strong, wears yellow eyes, black lips and is physically stitched together.

This blog post was inspired by today’s class activities. I began to wonder how Frankenstein, a monster, and quite frankly a scary creature would handle himself with the technologies of the 21st century. In today’s world, we see a similar trend on a smaller degree. There are online dating sites such as Christian Mingle, Jdate, Farmers Only and others. There are iPhone apps like Tinder, Bumble and other sources like Craigslist. The reason for which people use these data bases vary. Some use them for fun and to procrastinate work or prank their friends. Others use them to find a “hook up” for one night or just to see what would actually happen if they matched with a girl who was hot. Then, there are those who use them to find a girlfriend and potentially a future wife.


I find my struggling to picture Frankenstein having any “success” formulating a profile that will lead to the creation he has dreamed of. He said, “you must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being.” When Frankenstein realized he would struggle to find any matches on tinder or he knew his only other option would be a new creation.

Before he destroy the Frankenstein family, the parents were happily married and Victor was all but ready to marry Elizabeth. The monster has realized that he is hopeless and will live the rest of his life depressed, lonely and animosity. On page 169, “I am alone, and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me.” Without a second monstrosity, he will continue to kill, ruining families that he sees as a threat to his health and well-being. The monster brings this to Victor because he is the only one who can make a difference just like people in todays age feel like applications and online databases are the only solutions to their life without a companion. Although there is no real connection between social media and Frankenstein, it is the driving motivation behind this post.¬†

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  1. I was also really intrigued by this activity. I like the point you make about how social media can come to provide the only source of “companionship” for people that struggle to make real-world connections. The ability to mold yourself into any form and perfectly control what information you give out and what you choose to withhold is fascinating, and a little bit scary. On one hand, it is great that social media offers a new platform for connection-building that wasn’t available to people in the past, but I’m not sure how “real” any connections online can be. I’m still grappling over whether social media is a positive or negative tool for people who may empathize with the creature’s inability to form relationships.

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