Blog Post 10 – Gender in Technology

After the reading for this morning’s class as well as the class discussion has kept me thinking all afternoon. Why is it that women have to adopt a male’s mentality in order to be successful in the technology sector. In the opening section “Feminist Constructivist Technology Studies,” Catharina Landstorm says that a male’s design style is and always will be a stable factor. She goes on to claim that one of the reasons for this claim is the “I-Methodology.” This term can be defined in a couple of sentences. Over the course of time, men have grown up designing video games and other aspects of technology. Thus, when they get to the stage of designing whichever technology they are working on, they use themselves as the model user.

The “I-Methodoloy” is extremely interesting to me. I understand that the men dominate the technology sector. But, from several readings and other discussions, girls have wanted to get involved in the industry. Thus, why don’t female’s design games that they see themselves playing when they have the opportunity to be in charge of designing technology. Clearly there is something that I am missing, or else it would be happening as we speak, but this fact seems very interesting to me. I would like to know what other people thought as they read the first section of this week’s reading.

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